Weekend Workshop: Picture Frame out of an Old Door!

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Repurposing an Old Door into a Family Frame

Image Credit: www.photogmommie.com

Recently I came across this beautiful idea to include all your precious family memories on one wall. By repurposing an old french door, you can create a picture frame big enough to hold it all. Not to mention, this new frame will be a nice attention point in your home. Read on to find out just how easy it is to make this frame this weekend for your DIY Weekend Project!

Starting your Old Door project

There are many different ways you can make your new picture frame. Some as seen in the picture here can have hooks attached to create a nice place for hanging children’s coats.

Others can be stood upright and not hung on the wall for a nice center of attention in the home. The first step to creating your new picture frame is to find an old French door with multiple windows. From here decide on the color you will want to paint your frame. Strip the door of any previous paint, sand and repaint the color you have chosen.

Image found on Pinterest
Image found on Pinterest

All that is left is to add in your favorite photo memories and hang up! I told you this project was really super simple!

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