Ways to Save Money in Preparation for Baby

Having a baby can be a huge expense to any family, and will add additional strain to an already tight budget. We were faced with this situation when we found out two years ago that we were expecting not one but two babies. With a little bit of advanced planning you can learn how to save money even before the baby comes to prepare for the new addition to the family.

At the Hospital
When you are still at the hospital you can start saving from the get go. Here are a few good tips to use before even leaving with your new bundle of joy.

Ask the hospital staff for any samples that they may have such as diapers, lotions, or baby washes. You will be surprised at how little of lotions and washes that you actually use in those first few months. The samples you receive at the hospital will actually last you for quite some time if you use them in moderation.

You are permitted to take with you all the toiletries that you received while in the hospital such as shampoo. Use these while at home for the first few weeks to save additional money on items you would typically go out to purchase.

One of the most nutritious and least expensive ways to feed your new baby is through breastfeeding. Here are a few tips that you can use to save even more money when it comes to breast feeding.

Borrow a breast pump

A breast pump can be expensive. If you are able to see if you can borrow one from a friend or even the hospital before leaving.

Save on Breastfeeding Clothing
Don’t run out and buy all the fancy shirts made specifically for breastfeeding. Start with buying a basic breastfeeding bra, and a few nursing tees. This will help you to save money, in case you are unable to continue with breastfeeding.

Baby Clothes
Baby clothing can be a huge expense especially if you do not have previous children. Here are a few tips to help you save money on baby clothing.

Don’t Buy Too Many of the Same Size
Newborns go through a huge growth spurt in the beginning. While it may be fun to buy up a ton of those cute little newborn sized clothing, you might want to opt for a few of different sizes, to take into account growth in the first few months.

Buy Secondhand
Second hand or consignment shops carry tons of baby items that are lightly used. With the amount of time your baby will actually be in each article of clothing, used, or second hand clothing are perfect.

Get Hand-me-Downs
Hand-me-Downs are perfect. We were lucky in that we had two older daughters to take from their baby wardrobe that were close in age to the twins. If you do not have any previous children, try asking family and friend for any baby items or clothing they may have that you could use. You will be surprised how much you can save with just hand-me-downs.

Buy in Bulk
When it comes to diapers, you will go through a lot in the first few weeks. But just like clothing remember that they are not in those tiny, cute little newborn sizes for very long. Try buying a few small packs of diapers in the smaller sizes up front and opt to purchase the larger sizes in bulk since they will last for much longer.