Is it Really Worth it to be Frugal?

Sometimes when people hear about making your own cleaning supplies, and bulk buying food to save on money you may hear “Is it worth it?”. How do you answer them when they ask you?

To me being frugal is most definitely worth it. I couldn’t imagine going back to where we were before. Just to think of the money we’ve said is wonderful. Yes, it does take a bit more time making my own dishwashing detergent than buying it from the store. But it works just as well, if not better, and I saved a ton of money on it.

The one thing I noticed about living the frugal lifestyle that I will share with you all is to make sure you are setting goals. After a while, just like with anything else in life, it can get ‘old’ or ‘redundant’. But if you are setting new goals for yourself after you’ve reached one such as “saving money on groceries”, then it makes living the frugal way much more enjoyable.

Maybe now you are looking to save money on your utilities, but what happens when you achieve that, and you frankly get a bit bored of everything? Well simply set a new goal, perhaps you’d love to save money on household items, or on your weekly grocery bill.

Thrifty Sue was started because I learned how to live on much less than we used to, and my new goal was to help others do the same. I get super excited helping you all learn how to save money in cleaning products, or on groceries that I cannot wait to share other new money saving tips with you when I try them out.

If you are new to Thrifty Sue, well you are in luck, or perhaps you’ve been around for a little bit but still haven’t quite figured out your frugal ‘goal’. I’ve got a ton of money saving tips for you already on the site, that there is so much to choose from when you are first starting out. So what I’ve done now is put a nice detailed list up of all the ways I can help you save and achieve your frugal goals.

Saving on Utilities
If you are looking for ways to save on utilities, well I’ve got that covered for you.

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Saving on Cleaning Products

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Staying Frugal in the Kitchen

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Frugal Beauty Products

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Living Frugal With Kids

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As I have more frugal ideas and articles, I will make sure to post them here to keep this frugal list updated and growing.

I’d love to hear from you
What other ways are you interested in saving money around the house or out and about?