How to Save Money on Valentines for Children


Valentines Day for kids can be a huge kick to the budget sometimes. Extra money is spent on food, parties, cards, and other activities. But I’m here to help you learn just how you can save money and still let your kids be the talk of the class this Valentines Day.

Make Your Own Valentines Day Cards

Instead of going out and buying Valentines to give away, have your kids make their own. The recipients of these will be so pleased with the work that your children put into them, and you will have a project for some extra family time and to keep the kids busy all day.

Bake Instead of Buying

If your classroom allows (as I know some schools want everything prepackaged), bake healthy treats for your kids to take into the classroom. You can make up a double batch so you have some goodies at home as well.

Reuse Cards

Did you happen to save last years Valentines Day cards? If you did then you can cut off the fronts of them and glue them onto construction paper to make even fancier homemade cards.

Look for Free Entertainment

If it’s feasible with the classroom teacher, offer to provide poems, music or other activities for the class party instead of bringing in items that must be purchased.

Free Valentines Day Activities for Kids
If you are looking for ideas to help here are a few sites that can provide you with some great tools to utilize for your childs Valentines Day.

Printable Valentines Day Cards

Valentines Day Coloring Pages

Valentines Day Printable Bingo

Valentines Day Printable Party Supplies.

Valentines Day for kids doesn’t have to always be about how much money you can spend. You can still make sure your kids have a fantastic day without breaking the bank.