Homemade Cricket Remedies

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A reader wrote into me asking if I knew any homemade remedies to keep the crickets away. So I went and did some research and came up with a few ideas that hopefully will help. Over at eHow they had some pretty good ideas to create traps, to keep the little buggers away.


Crickets are known for their annoying noise and constant chirping. These pests will also feed on almost anything around and inside your home, including walls and fabric. Severe cricket infestations can cause damage outdoors by eating crops, flowers and decorative plants. Indoors, they will damage clothing, carpeting, wallpaper, wood and rubber. Home remedies can be used to safely get rid of and prevent crickets from making themselves feel welcome around your house. Does this Spark an idea?

Natural predators

  • An easy home remedy for getting rick of crickets is to introduce natural predators into the environment. Cats, lizards and birds eat crickets and will naturally keep the population down.

Homemade traps

  • Fill a glass jar, such as the one used for vegetable pickling, halfway with molasses. Place the jar outside overnight, and the crickets will jump right in and drown. The molasses acts like a glue, so crickets cannot get out.

    You can also bury a plastic container halfway in the ground and fill it with halfway with water. Place about three spoonfuls of molasses in the water, and let it sit. This trap will work in the same way to attract and drown the noisy pests.

Insecticide remedy

  • Homemade insecticide sprays are popular in organic gardening, as they contain no harsh chemicals but will deter pests such as crickets. Steep 1/2 cup of chilis, chili powder or chili sauce in two cups of water overnight. Strain the liquid, and dilute it with two cups of water. Add a drop of liquid dish detergent to the mixture to act as a sticking agent. Use this insecticide spray on plants or vegetables to keep crickets away. Test the spray on a couple of leaves overnight to check for any adverse reactions or leaf burning. You can dilute the mixture with more water if it seems to be too strong for your plants.


  • Prevent crickets from entering your home by sealing cracks in windows, screens and the foundation. Trim all grass short, and rake up all cut grass around the home. Clean up debris in your home’s gutters and rain pipes, and clean up debris around the home that could be used as hiding spots. Light attracts crickets, so either turn off outdoor lamps or dim them to keep the pests away.


Cornmeal and Borax Method

  • Place 2 cups of cornmeal into the mixing bowl. Add about 2 teaspoons of borax. Mix well in the bowl.
  • Place a small amount of the mixture into a shallow dish — any shallow dish that has a lip just high enough to keep the bait from spilling onto the floor …saucers or small plates are perfect.
  • Place the dish with the bait near to where you’ve been having the cricket problem. Fill more dishes and place them in different areas if crickets are entering your house from different places.

Clean up any dead crickets and replace the bait weekly until the cricket problem subsides.

Beer and Borax Method

  • Mix 1 cup of beer with 1 teaspoon of borax in the mixing bowl. Make sure that the borax dissolves into the beer.

  • Place a small pool of the mixture into the shallow dishes, and arrange the dishes around the problem areas in your house.

  • Check the dishes often for dead crickets. Because the mixture is liquid, the crickets will die soon after coming into contact with the beer, usually in less than a minute. Clear the crickets and replace the mixture as necessary.