75 DIY Homemade Must Have Beauty Products

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It can get rather expensive in purchasing one’s beauty products. That’s why I went on a search to find even more beauty product recipes that you can make at home. If you remember before we already have a great list of homemade beauty products up on Thrifty Sue. But I knew there had to be more out there.  And I hit the homemade beauty product jackpot when I came across Eight By Five! Take a look below at 75 easy to make, and must have DIY beauty products for the home.

For all of your cosmetic needs, here is a fun list of 75 DIY beauty products that you can make at home! From hair and skin treatments to makeup, perfume, teeth and nail whitening- there are so many great products to test!  Who says you need to spend a lot either?  Some of the ingredients you may already have laying around your house!  Don’t forget, with Christmas just around the corner, these can easily make great holiday gifts on the cheap!  Enjoy!

75 DIY Beauty Products & Treatments:












































































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