6 Unique and Affordable Activities For Happy Holidays

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While shopping malls overflow with bustling customers and Christmas songs chime in the backdrop, the holiday season represents a time to maximize the wonderful experiences it has to offer. This festive season brings many opportunities to spend time with loved ones while celebrating family, food, customs and the excitement of generosity.

In addition to the traditional activities often associated with the season, there are many other unique and enjoyable experiences available to be incorporated into your holiday schedule this year. These unique and affordable holiday activities will be sure to brighten your spirit and create lasting memories.

Begin a New Tradition

Inventing a new family ritual to participate in yearly will be sure to ignite your holiday mood and create an exciting event to look forward to. This may include opening one special gift the night before Christmas or incorporating a game into your family gift giving routine by purchasing one present, unmarked, and taking turns Christmas Eve picking names around the tree to choose your surprise gift. A fun family custom may be to craft a new Christmas ornament as a family for the tree or a homemade snow globe from empty glass jars. Try writing a holiday story with the kids that is to be read the night before Christmas or decorating an outdoor tree with homemade garlands of popcorn and cereal. Even introducing a new favourite food to the holiday table can make for an exciting change.


Invoke your Inner Child

Memories of our childhood experiences, opening gifts and feasting on delicious holiday treats, are enough to awaken anyone’s festive spirit. These experiences do not necessarily have to end. At any age try venturing outdoors this year and building a snowman, creating a snow angel or gathering a few friends and enjoying some exercise with a snowball fight. If no snow is available you can create the illusion by purchasing faux snow at your local craft store or venture to a local indoor skating rink to experience some cold. A day playing family board games followed by an evening of decorating cookies or a gingerbread house would make for the perfect nostalgic experience.


Experience the Gift of Giving

The holiday season is always based upon the wonderful gift of giving to others. This season enjoy this experience by volunteering for a few hours at a local soup kitchen or purchasing your loved one an inexpensive gift that gives back to those in need around the world with organizations such as World Vision. Enjoy an evening walk as a family, admiring all of the beautifully lit and decorated houses, and placing a $5 gift in the mailbox of your favourite to spread some holiday cheer.


Celebrate Your Senses

Christmas brings many wonderful aromas with it and this season take full advantage of these stimulating fragrances. This December try visiting a tree farm while keeping warm with some hot apple cider or a thermos of hot chocolate. If visiting a tree farm isn’t possible, purchase an artificial spay for your own Christmas tree that simulates the fresh, pleasant smell of an evergreen forest. Decorate your home with low-priced seasonal items such as cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon or holly. Many parks and zoos also create wonderful light displays that can stimulate your visual senses.


Forget Convention

Despite the enjoyable customs that Christmas brings there is also a great deal of stress and chaos associated with the season. An alternative to step away from this is to take a family trip in place of spending money on gifts. A short getaway to a nearby cottage in the forest or to a small bed and breakfast will create unique, lasting memories together while moving away from technology and the commercial aspects that accompany Christmas. Partaking in this unique getaway will reinvent the meaning of spending time with family.


The holiday season brings with it many activities and fun-filled experiences for the whole family to enjoy. This year allow yourself to venture into incorporating some new unique and affordable holiday activities. The whole family is sure to adopt these inspirational endeavours that will create a renewed appreciation for Christmas while forgetting about the disarray of stores and parking lots.