Festive Photograph Ornament

Creating memories has never been easier than it is with this festive photograph ornament. You can add your own personal touch to any of these homemade cards to create a more personal décor. What you…

Thrifty Tips

Time Capsule Ornament

The time capsule ornament is a great way to commemorate every year for your family. To get started you will first need to gather up your materials.  What you need A clear plastic ornament Ribbon…


Yarn Candy Cane Ornaments

These candy canes even make beautiful gifts in addition to decorating your own home. In order to get started you will need to gather up your materials first. What you need Scissors Red pipe cleaners…


Homemade Candle Holder

Candle Holder For a candle holder that everyone is sure to love you will need the following 34 Craft or popscicle sticks Votive Candle Holder Craft Glue Scissors Double Sided Tape Stickers, or paper cut…


Weekend Workshop: DIY Child’s Bench for All Seasons

  This weekend workshop is all about building your own adorable, arched child’s bench that can be used throughout all seasons. The instructions for this project come from Ana White! It’s amazing what you can…


Myth Monday: Deviled Egg’s Old Wives Tale

  An oldie but goodie, is the Deviled Egg’s old wives tale trick. We’ve all heard the occasional Old Wives Tale from time to time. But have you actually ever tried one out for yourself?…

Myth Debunked?